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Natural Crushed Stones in Varies forms

Natural Crushed Stones in Varies forms

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Product Details:
Material: crystal
Process: grinding and polishing
Category: Geometry
Shape: follow the shape

Size information:
Size: 100g red jasper 15-20mm, 100g red jasper 20-30mm, 100g aventurine 15-20mm, 100g powder crystal 15-20mm, 100g powder crystal 20-30mm, 100g obsidian 15-20mm, 100 grams of lapis lazuli 15-20mm, 100 grams of tiger eye 20-30mm, 100 grams of colored blue turquoise 15-25mm, obsidian 25-35mm, aventurine jade 20-30mm, 100 grams of aventurine jade 30-40mm, 100 grams Amethyst 20-30mm, 100g Amethyst 30-40mm, 100g Nanhong 20-30mm, 100g Citrine 15-20MM, 100g Citrine 20-30MM, 100g White Crystal 20-30mm, 100g White Crystal 15-20mm, 100g Amethyst 15-20mm, 100g Tianhe Stone 15-25mm, 100g Lapis Lazuli 20-30mm, 100g Tiger Eye 15-20mm, 100g Nanhong 15-20mm

Package Contents:
Crafts X100g

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