Collection: Foundations and Bronzers

Foundation is the base for your desired look. It is important to get it right so it doesn't appear to be a mask. Make-up is meant to enhance not hide your natural beauty. In our Foundation and Bronzer line we also offer powder, sealers, concealers and many other products including all the glitter and glitz you desire. 

The oil-free HD liquid foundation provides a medium to full coverage with a natural finish. It is long wearing and hydrating to effectively hide fine lines to ensure a smooth finish. This unique formula is both blendable and buildable, leaving a natural vibrancy on the skin. The formula is enriched with moisturizing agents, doesn’t crease or flake and lasts all day long. They are all paraben-free and suitable for all skin types. 

Chamomile Extract is enhance the skin’s natural glow. A perfect morning routine product for people with dry or damaged skin.

Green Tea Extract protects the skin from UV rays, delays any sort of aging while improving the skin tone and dryness.

To create that flawless look you are looking for don't forget your equipment!