Collection: Muslim

Islam is one of the oldest known belief systems, dating back to 610. Truthfully it has many of the same tones as all other faiths. The 75 "commandments" as you will see below are extremely similar to Christianity. The Quran is not a book we should fear and everyone should have a look. If you read the KJV you have already read a similar piece of literature. 

  1. Don’t lie 
  2. Don’t spy
  3. Don’t exult
  4. Don’t insult
  5. Don’t waste 
  6. Feed the poor
  7. Don’t backbite
  8. Keep your oaths
  9. Don’t take bribes 
  10. Honour your agreements
  11. Restrain your anger 
  12. Don’t spread gossip
  13. Think good of others
  14. Be good to guests
  15. Don’t harm believers 
  16. Don’t be rude to parents 
  17. Turn away from ill speech
  18. Don’t make fun of others 
  19. Walk in a humble manner 
  20. Respond to evil with good
  21. Don’t say what you don’t do
  22. Keep your trusts & promises 
  23. Don’t insult others’ false gods 
  24. Don’t deceive people in trade 
  25. Don’t take items without right 
  26. Don’t ask unnecessary questions 
  27. Don’t be miserly nor extravagant 
  28. Don’t call others  bad names 
  29. Don’t claim yourselves to be pure 
  30. Speak nicely, even to the ignorant 
  31. Don’t ask for repayment for favours 
  32. Make room for others at gatherings
  33. If enemy wants peace, then accept it 
  34. Return a greeting in a better manner 
  35. Don’t remind others of your favours 
  36. Make peace between fighting groups 
  37. Lower your voice and talk moderately 
  38. Don’t let hatred cause you to be unjust 
  39. Don’t ask too many favours from people 
  40. Greet people when entering their home 
  41. Be just, even against yourself & relatives 
  42. Speak gently, even to leaders of disbelief 
  43. Don’t criticize small contributions of others
  44. Don’t call the Prophet how you call others’
  45. Try to make peace between husband & wife 
  46. Don’t call the Prophet from outside his rooms 
  47. Oppression/corruption is worse than killing 
  48. Preach to others in a good and wise manner 
  49. Don’t accuse others of immorality without proof 
  50. Consider wives of the Prophet like your mothers 
  51. Don’t raise your voice above that of the Prophet’s 
  52. Don’t call someone a disbeliever without knowing 
  53. Seek permission before entering someone’s room 
  54. Know your enemies can become your close friends 
  55. Don’t wrongly consume the wealth of the vulnerable 
  56. Don’t turn your cheek away from people in arrogance 
  57. Forgive others, as you would like Allah to forgive you 
  58. Seek Prophet’s permission when leaving his gathering 
  59. Don’t hold secret meetings for sin, rather do so for piety 
  60. Don’t order others to do good while forgetting it yourself 
  61. Be patient with your teacher & follow his instructions 
  62. Don’t frown, turn away or neglect those who come to you 
  63. If unable to help a needy person, at least speak nice words 
  64. Be lenient to those under you, and consult them in matters 
  65. Verify information from a dubious source before acting upon it 
  66. Don’t remain in the Prophet’s home unnecessarily after a meal 
  67. Those who can should continue to spend on those less fortunate 
  68. Don’t enter homes without permission & return if refused entry 
  69. Don’t sit with those who mock religion until they change the subject 
  70. Say it’s not appropriate to talk of slander when it’s mentioned to you 
  71. If required to ask the Prophet’s wives, then do so from behind a screen 
  72. Divorce in an amicable manner instead of keeping & harming your wife
  73. Punish in an equivalent manner to how you were harmed or be patient 
  74. Differences in color & language are signs of Allah, not means of superiority 
  75. Don’t take women by force, nor take back bridal gift without a valid reason & live with them in kindness