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Selenite Crystal Slab White Quartz Mineral Rough

Selenite Crystal Slab White Quartz Mineral Rough

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Product information:

Material: natural gypsum stone
Color: as pictured
Production process: grinding
Material source: natural
Size: 6cm; 8cm; 10cm;
Quantity: 1 piece
Suitable for: healing stones, mineral specimens, jewelry making, DIY, gifts, etc.

1. Natural selenite bar.
2. Selenite is a stone with powerful intuition and psychic awareness by affecting the third eye chakra. It is said to allow entering past lives, doing the work of past lives and healing it. Selenite may ease and promote meditation and spiritual development
3. Cleaning - Tilt and clear the negative energy and vibration of other crystals is another wonderful property of selenite. Unlike other metaphysical stones, you never have to charge or clean your selenite crystal because it will do so on its own.
4, The package includes 1 selenite stick. Selenite is considered one of the more powerful healing stones in New Age and spiritual work. Perfect gift for birthday/mother's day etc.
5. A Good Choice for Home Display - Placing this crystal in any room helps keep the energy high and clear, creating a safe and peaceful space.

Package Included:
1x Natural plaster stick

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