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Relax neck hammock

Relax neck hammock

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Material: Velvet
★ Features: Neck stretcher hammock can help eliminate pain, relieve stress, increase energy, improve posture and sleep quality. Smooth, gentle pressure and continuous support allow you to immediately relieve and relax sore muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. Increase blood circulation, reduce pain, improve mobility, and improve your mood.
★ Applicable: The neck stretcher hammock can be wrapped around any door, railing or pole, allowing you to use the hammock flexibly to relieve the neck! Our neck hammock is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and can be customized. Stretch easily anywhere, relax and restore neck and shoulders. Our neck hammock is lightweight and compact.
★ Suitable for people: Suitable for people with neck pain, poor posture, and difficulty sleeping. Suitable for office workers, students, athletes, shift workers, labor drivers, manual workers. Just 10 minutes a day can properly stretch the neck and relieve your tension.
★ Adjustable: The new generation of ergonomic neck hammocks are designed in an adjustable manner. The independently designed liner can be replaced at each position of the hammock. Everyone, whether young or old, male or female, can enjoy the benefits of hammocks.

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