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Nepal Tibetan Style Bodhi 108 Beads

Nepal Tibetan Style Bodhi 108 Beads

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Product Information:

Style: Unisex
Shape: geometric
Material: Bodhi
Style: ethnic style
Color:A,Five-petal diamond bracelet*11 pieces (about 17-18mm in size), B, five-petal diamond hand-held *54 pieces (about 17-18mm in size),  C,five-petal diamond *108 pieces (about 17-18mm in size),  D,King Kong Bodhi (about 17-18mm in size) 20mm) accessories horn tee,  E,diamond bodhi bracelet (18mm) gourd tail,  F,diamond bracelet (19mm) accessories beeswax tee,  G,Tibetan diamond plus accessories (about 17-18mm),  H,six-petal diamond (18-19mm) , I,Seiko Tibetan five-lobe (18*18mm), G,Seiko Tibetan five-lobe (18*18mm), K,Seiko Tibetan-style barrel bead five-lobe (16*14mm), L,Seiko Tibetan-style barrel bead five-lobe (16*14mm)

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1*  Bracelet

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