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Natural Sunstone Bracelet

Natural Sunstone Bracelet

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Name: Sunstone Bracelet
Brand: Lanli
Product Number: 981
Color: orange
The sun stone has a strong positive magnetic field, and all natural mineral stones have a strong magnetic field energy, especially the natural stone such as the sun stone with a distinctive personality can purify the human body's gloomy luck field. Especially in the gas field with strong water vapor, the effect of the sun stone is more obvious. In numerology, there is the theory that water and moisture are used to "wait" with five elements. "The mediation is based on the coldness and dampness of the season, and it is mainly based on the seasons. It is only used for winter and summer. It is only for winter and summer. Wet and wet mediation, other spring and autumn life need not mediation." Can become the focus of everyone, strengthen cohesion, help interpersonal relationships and work career. Distribute powerful life energy, improve health and enhance vitality. It can drive away dark thoughts and pessimism, bring correct positive ideas and bright prospects.

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