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Natural Semi-Precious Stones, Rune Engraving, Crystals

Natural Semi-Precious Stones, Rune Engraving, Crystals

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 Product information:
Material: Green aventurine, amethyst, red agate, red stone, pink crystal, white crystal, red aventurine, topaz, bonus, smoky crystal, new bird, picture, gray agate, white stone,
Material source: Natural
A Amethyst,
B Rose Quartz
C Sodalite

D Green Aventurine,
E yellow tiger eye,
F Leopard Skin Jasper,
G Red Jasper,
H Rhodonite,
I Blue Aventurine,
J flash stone,
K Hei Yao Shi,
L Shiraishi,
M smoke Quartz
N Indian agate,
O Yellow Aventurine,
P Grey agate,
Q spots,
R agate,
S African bloodstone,
T red leopard skin,

Crystal jadex1

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