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Natural Crystal Original Stone Incense Holder

Natural Crystal Original Stone Incense Holder

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Product Details:
Material: Crystal
Category: Geometry
Purity: citrine (bare stone), yellow aventurine (bare stone), green strawberry crystal (bare stone), flower green stone (bare stone), tiger eye stone (bare stone), red smelting (bare stone), red emerald ( Bare stone), red gold sand (bare stone), red jasper (bare stone), black tourmaline (bare stone), pink opal (bare stone), labradorite (bare stone), strawberry crystal (bare stone), spotted stone (bare stone), white turquoise (bare stone), white crystal (bare stone), amethyst (bare stone), sun stone (bare stone), plum tourmaline (bare stone), blue stone (bare stone), blue sand Stone (bare stone), blue apatite (bare stone), tea crystal (bare stone), obsidian (bare stone), pink crystal (bare stone), green fluorite (bare stone), aromatherapy (10 bundles/100 pieces)
Color: as shown

Note: Only the base

Package Contents:
Incense socket base X1

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