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Natural Citrine Cluster

Natural Citrine Cluster

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Chinese name Citrine cluster
Shape: follow-up block round or square
The citrine cave was formed hundreds of millions of years ago in the era of geological formation. Anhydrous silicic acid in the earth's crust flowed into the cave and crystallized by attaching to the cliff wall under a certain pressure and temperature. The "authentic" citrine contains color bands arranged equally or intersecting at an angle of 45ᄚ. The color is often caused by double crystals. The two positions of the color are symmetrical. "People" are seen on the citrine fracture The zigzag double crystal slit is an important symbol of natural citrine. It is a famous citrine cluster. Citrine is regarded as the top grade with its bright, clean, flawless, and deep yellow background, with its sparkling red brilliance, as described in "Museum Guide":

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