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Mother Earth Art Statue Goddess Statue

Mother Earth Art Statue Goddess Statue

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Mother Earth Art Statue: Beyond all existence, Mother Earth rests and supports the world, just like the pregnant belly between her decorated arms. Layered from your shoulders and back, your hair is composed of green leaves, decorated with intricate golden decorations. To disguise her modesty, the green woman made up her breasts, the moon and the sun in the sky.

This artistic statue of Mother Earth is cast with the highest quality resin, and then meticulously finished in bronze and meticulously hand-painted.

Key points:

1. [Greatest Masterpiece] This "stone sermon" is the cultivation of global consciousness based on the earth expressed through Oberon. This is a magical statue!

2. [Basic story] Oberon touched the lives of thousands of people for Mother Earth. Every day, more and more people are attracted by the beauty of his life. Letters and comments from many traditions and people from all walks of life show us how to profoundly affect people all over the world.

3. [Statue of the Kingdom of Art] Mother Earth rests in peace, transcending all existence, holding up the pregnant belly in the embrace of decoration, and holding up the whole world. This is an exclusive gift collection.

4. [Exquisite design and details] Your hair is wrapped around your shoulders, composed of green leaves, decorated with gold and silver silk ornaments. Your humble green shadow envelopes your breasts and makes you rise to the moon and sun in the sky.

5. [Absolutely high-quality production] This floor-to-ceiling art statue is cast with the highest quality resin, then refined with bronze and hand-painted. Exquisite sculpture design. High-quality resin castings.

Product information:

Material: Natural resin
Craft: Carving
Hanging form: Ornaments
Modeling: Character
Packaging: Carton packaging

Large product size: 16.5*12.5CM
Small product size: 15*10CM

Package Content:

1*Art Statue









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