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Halloween Party Decoration Candle Light

Halloween Party Decoration Candle Light

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Product information:
Name: led magic wand long brush holder candle
Model: FP15
Color: white shell, warm white light
Candle size: 2 * 17cm
Remote control size: 4 * 8.6cm
Magic wand size: 3 * 39cm
Candle battery: each candle needs 2 AA AA battery in PRC power supply, shipped without battery
Remote control battery: 1 x CR2025 (included)
Remote control distance: more than 5m (best performance in the range of 3 meters)
Working hours: 150 hours (flame flickering) ~ 240 hours (electrostatic luminescence)
Light mode: breathing flashing, ordinary flashing and static light
Function: 10 keys: timing infrared remote controller, remote control on/off, 4/6 hours cycle timing, Increase/decrease brightness, fast flashing/slow flashing, breathing flashing/static always on
Magic wand: Remote control on/off, flashing

Product features:
1. Smoke-free fire-free, candle light powered by two AA battery in PRC, driving GenOptics Aura Essence light-emitting, non-color smoke open flame, safe and healthy,
2. Recycling, candles use LED small lamp beads, the service life is longer and the battery can be replaced for recycling.
3. Real and candle simulate real flame, with three lighting modes, it can create romantic and cozy more atmosphere than traditional candles.
4. Simple and convenient, candles are not affected by the wind of foreign objects ᄋ, don't worry about being blown out by the wind, can live waterproof.
5. The product has timing, dimming, multi-mode, and advanced independent switch at the bottom.
6. The simulated flame lamp head shines, and the lamp head parts have their own utility model patents, exclusive design, and the candlelight experience of the home atmosphere is more real.
7. The candle and magic wand are separately equipped with a switch button at the bottom, and the remote control will work only when it is turned on.

Packing list:
12 sets of packaging list: candle light * 12, charging cable * 1, remote control * 1, English manual * 1, magic wand * 1, fishing wire * 12, square hook * 12, card * 1 16 pieces per set packaging list: candle light * 16, charging cable * 1, remote control * 1, English manual * 1, magic wand * 1, fishing wire * 16, square hook * 16, card * 1
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