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Garden Meditation Dragon Made of Resin

Garden Meditation Dragon Made of Resin

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1. The cost of resin crafts is light, luxury and low.
The mold of the resin handicraft is soft silica gel. This material is not only low in cost, but also the silica gel is formed by potting and curing, and the production cycle is relatively short.
2. Resin crafts have strong plasticity
Resin crafts have a high degree of reduction in details. The soft silicone mold is formed by pouring the master mold, and the master mold is seamlessly and tightly surrounded during the curing process; while the resin process
The production process of the embryo body is solidified by grouting, which happens to be the reverse process, so it can highly restore the details of the master mold.
3. Resin crafts have a variety of surface effects
The surface of resin crafts can be used for various effects such as color painting, antique, oil spraying, UV, electroplating, etc. It can imitate a variety of glossy metal surfaces, wood, etc. It is a highly simulated material. Plastic, metal, glass, PVC and other materials, but the surface effect is not so flexible.


Process: Resin process
Category: Animal
Hanging form: ornaments
Style: European
Modeling: Animal
Packaging: carton packaging

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