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Double-Pipe Ocarina Alto C Wide-Range Wind Instrument

Double-Pipe Ocarina Alto C Wide-Range Wind Instrument

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Product information:
Product Category: Ocarina
Material: Red pottery (natural clay)
Specification: 16.5*8.5*6cm
Surface treatment: Red pottery plain surface
Name: Double-pipe Ocarina
Tonality: Alto C key/AC double-pipe ocarina
Color: Red pottery
Sound range: 17 degrees
Accessories: Fingering, Lanyard, Protective Case

Scope of application: 

teaching, playing, learning, gift giving, etc. suitable for all ages
Description: Cost-effective dual-tube, handmade in pure ceramic, no appearance, only real pure ceramic tone, 1 piece, no bargaining, high quality, this price is delivered with fingering table, lanyard, protective cover, naked flute Will be more favorable.

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