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Buddha Yinbo Nibo Singing Bowl Yoga Meditation Chanting Sound Therapy Bowl

Buddha Yinbo Nibo Singing Bowl Yoga Meditation Chanting Sound Therapy Bowl

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Function description:
1. Relaxation and meditation
2 treatment
3. Chakra alignment and body cleansing
4. Energy Transmission
5. Stimulate the body and energetic body
6. Home decoration and gift purposes

1. The Meditation Singing Bowl is designed to provide the calmest and freshest sound to help you meditate.
2. It produces a powerful meditative sound, purifies the negative energy and emotional barriers in your surroundings, creates a calm and emotional healing environment, and helps you gain inner peace and heart chakra.
3. Singing bowls are very suitable for yoga, meditation and spiritual healing. Sound and vibration help your emotions, brain waves and nervous system enter a state of relaxation, which is very suitable for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive information.
4. It is portable and easy to carry, which can help you easily take yoga class or wherever you want to go.
It can be used not only for yoga meditation, but also a perfect choice for home decoration.

product information:
Name: Buddha Sound Bowl
Material: Ring Copper 
Purpose: Physiotherapy meditation into home appliance decoration
Accessories: Small wooden stick

Note: without cushion

Package Included:

1 x Buddha Sound Bowl
1 x hand hammer



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