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Crystal gem chakra reiki healing energy Orgonite necklace

Crystal gem chakra reiki healing energy Orgonite necklace

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What is Orgone?

Gon stone is a substance made of resin, metal, and quartz that balances and coordinates biological energy, also known as organic ketone, chi, or prana.

"Organic matter is light, omnipotent in all things, the factor that prevents reduction and creates healing."

ORGONE is called prana, vitality, chi, chi, chi, mana, cosmic energy, etc

Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist who studied the energy of organic acids in the first half of the 20th century, is building Orgonite devices based on his findings. In the course of the research, Sir. Reich found that organic matter attracts and retains organic energy, while inorganic metals attract and repel energy.

Pyroxene is based on these two principles. It is a 50-50 mixture of resin (organics, since it is based on the fact that petrochemical products are available) and metal chips (inorganic). Quartz crystals are also added to the interior of the cordierite matrix. The unbalanced energy is absorbed into the bentonite by the metal-resin mixture and is restored to health and vibration by the adulterated crystals.

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